BALLE PRIVATE VILLAS & SPA, GOA View Detailed Case Study
  • A gem in Goa's tropical realty-scape

    VGC developed the Creative Strategy for Baale Villas & Spa, a fully serviced and maintained villa property featuring Balinese architecture and design. VGC employed the insight that people contemplating property investment in Goa were inhibited by security and maintenance concerns in a remote investment. The resultant positioning "We think of everything, so you worry about nothing" showcased Baale as a property that was as aesthetic as it was sensitive to owners' needs and concerns.

    With end to end asset management and maintenance, 24 hour security and even profitable lease back options, public concerns were thus assuaged in communication. The concluding thought of the brochure justifiably calls Baale, "The Point of Irresistible Return".

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